A Laid Back Storytime...

Some times it's hard to get motivated.  That's the perfect time for a laid back story, one without a book, one where you just have to use your imagination....oh, and you get to lay down to look at the ceiling.

Many kids, and adults were wishing they had brought a pillow along when Mrs. Stanley presented a shadow storytime on the ceiling. What did a candlestick, a dinosaur, and a crab have to do with a story?  Well, it wasn't Colonel Mustard in the library, that's for sure.  Miss a day, miss a lot.


 Storytimes resume March 7

Storytime is on a two week break, giving Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Ashton some time off for planning and other projects.  Look for our regular schedule to resume on Monday, March 7, but check your calendars.  We have had to cancel Tuesday night storytime on March 8 due to another event.


 We have been looking at how to answer some parent concerns about storytime and are considering going back to just having children in the storytime area and letting parents and caregivers visit upstairs in the library until storytime is over.

Let us know if you have any ideas, concerns, or your thoughts on storytime attendance.


President Visits Library

 It was a big night for the Amherst Public Library when George Washington presented a program on Thursday, February 11.  Those in attendance got to hear some great stories and learned a few facts about the life of our first president.

Hat storytime that took place that week also talked about presidential hats including Washington's tri-corner hat and another president who carried important papers in his hat.


Sweet Greetings

The library set out a buffet of delectable craft treats for kids to come in and make a Valentine for someone special.  Many kids came in to craft a card for a special mom or dad.  Lots of stickers, glitter, and colored paper filled the tables as kids worked on their creations. 

Thanks to the Daisy Girl Scout Troop who visited and made 22 Valentine cards for library Outreach patrons.  Mrs. Stanley delivered not only books to her clients this month but everyone got a homemade Valentine, too.


Flash Mob Lego

Join us on Wednesday, March 30 from 11 a.m. to noon, for Flash Mob Lego.  Recommended for grades 1 - 6, kids must be able to work independently as no adults will be allowed into the program.  Drop in and use the library's Legos to build a creation that we can photograph for a display.


Olivia's Guess Wins Big

Olivia was the winner of our Groundhog Guessing Contest.  Not only did she guess correctly about the Groundhog seeing his shadow, but her name was chosen from a random drawing to win some great library bling.  Congratulations!


New Way to Connect

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Interested in business, art or sports? You got it!   Love a specific author? No problem.
Want email alerts once a week or just once a month? Done.

Receive notification when new books are added and then link right to our catalog to request or reserve your copy.  Look for SelectReads live on our website.  You can also sign up for our library Monthly Event Newsletter.