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Origami: Start to Finish

Kids ages 7-17 are invited to join us on Wednesday, April 4 at 6:00 p.m. for a crash course in all things origami! We will begin with an origami show-and-tell featuring stunning artwork that was created by internationally renowned paper-folding artists. Then we’ll fold an “intro set-list” of fun and accessible origami models, leaving with your very own box of folded creations. Also learn how to participate in future origami activities and where to find origami resources and supplies to fold on your own or with others!

James Peake, our expert origami instructor, has taught hundreds of origami classes to students of all ages in numerous cities, states, and countries over the past decade. James has curated over a dozen international origami exhibitions, and travels the world attending paper folding conferences and conventions.

Registration is required for this program. Register online or by calling the library at (440)988-4230.  Those under 12 years old, please have an adult accompany you (the adult does not register).